Aw man I was shattered again! Stupid Destroyer! Well let me explain what happened . Prof X sent me, Wolverine, and Rouge after the Destoyer. The metal suit had rampaged through the Mansion.

At least It wasa easier putting my self back together this time. I wake up in the mansion , and rouge is crying. Logan is bleeding, well not so much anymore, His Healing factor has kicked in.

Rouge looks at me as I turn my self into my flesh and blood form again.Free Image Hosting at

" Bobby I thought you I -We lost you."

" Wait. When did you find me?" I joke.

" Ya know what I mean. "

She looked in my eyes and I felt like I got lost then I tremebered , woah Kody has, or at least had a thing for Rouge There is no way I'll betray the guy. He'stoo good a friend for that but I didn't have to try to stop this moment because glass shattering did.

We both turn and watch Wolverine get on his motorcycle.

Looks like we're going back into battle. Good at least that gets me out of that awkward moment.

Man I hate Wolverine. You see I gave my number to Starfire, my number. Though poor Josh, didn't find himself a girl. Not that it matters, the school year is back in , and there;s like a bunch of girls his age there , and some in tight revealing costumes.

Now back to why I hate Logan. She called , and he told her I do perverted things with clowns , and dwarves. Yeah I can't get her to answer my calls. Or she makes Superboy answer the phone. That guy is a complete idiot, and he talks about the lamest things.

Well I'm not letting this one go. I've redecorated Logan's room with my own special skills.Free Image Hosting -

Wait a sec, Who's that guy? He's freaking creepy. I don't like the way he's looking at the ice boy I made.Free Image Hosting -

Look what I did to the bed.

Free Image Hosting -

there's that guy again on the ice chair I made to replace Logan's regular chair. I left that guy in there. With The new Icy decor. Enjoy Wolvie! Oh yeah if anyone know s who that guy is and why he's in the school let me know.

We won the Fight with Onslaught by a bunch of luck. Also I didn't get a wet willy! Yay! Any way Onslaught kicked this dog I felt sorry for it so I brought it back to the mansion. I've named him Ace The Ice Hound.

Somehow, Ace the bat hound heard of this and threatened to sue. Now what kind of a lawyer could a talking dog get? Free Image Hosting -
Never mind, I wish I didn't ask that question. Anyway, I let Mr Birdman talk to my lawyer Matt Murdock. Free Image Hosting - I don't know what Matt said to Harvey , but I do know he ran out of the mansion crying. Any way It's ok to name the dog that as long as he doesn;t appear in the X-men comics, fine with me.
Matt asked if wanted to troll for chicks with him. I said some other time. The problem with Matt is he'll hit on the woman your with if you meet one, He's like Tony Stark Lite.
So I decided io go to a Different County, and Finally take The Kid Flash up on the Ping Pong tournament idea At Titans Tower. I thought maybe I should Take Josh Foley along too, maybe get him over his old lady phase, by getting him to meet a girl, that doesn't know him.
Yes I did warn him not to hit on Wonder girl because of the S- SHIELD wearing living Hormone that lives there. AKA Super boy. And You know I don't know if the Titans live there or just train there.
When we got there was no one there, but this hot alien woman. Free Image Hosting - Hmmm I wonder If I should giver her my number? Oh Man I just forgot ! Though she looks like my age, this is the Teen Titans. Hmmm Maybe it's better if I don't have these thoughts. .