X- Party Woo Hoo! Yes us X- men will use any excuse to have a party. What's this one? Why the Season Finale of The Amazing Mutant Race 3. Too bad Laura went off in her little huff.

Oh well, she's like Logan she'll show up when she wants to. That ,and what ever can hurt that kid I don't want to meet it.

Already we got those fru fru tropical drinks that Jean likes.

And these scary blazing drinks.

I'd stay away from those , but what do I know? Me and fire don't really get along. We also have nachos and chicken wings, and whatever it is Marrow brought.

Who invited her any way? There's also entertainment like Gambit trying to prove he's not gay!

Why else would he take a shower, with Rouge, with their clothes on , and the door open? So of course she drained his power, and he was knocked out in the shower, I can neither confirm or deny that I was the one that dyed his hair blue,while he was ko'ed.

Also this one's for Hank who was eliminated, and now misses Noel. A special entertainment for my pal.

Enjoy Hank! I just hope you don't mind Rouge saying "mon ami" the whole time.


Blogger cooltopten said...

Hanks a lucky boy having that entertainment :).

Blogger Professor Xavier said...

There's nothing like an X-Men party. Personally I think Gambit's hair is an improvement

Blogger Iceman said...

Cool top ten: yes yes he , and lucky to have a buddy like me.

professor , any thing is an improvement for his hair.

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