Ok Here's the Skinny Professor X is running around as Onslaught again, All of this because Maggie had a little affair with Henchman . I'm not too bothered about it . But that could be because Maggie , had her friend Novy make this cool new template so I may be a little biased.
Any Way Cyke is running around asking if the prof will be mad that he registered for the superhuman act thing, and to become a SHIELD Agent . To which I answer. " This probably wouldn't be the best time to tell , you know with him trying to kill everyone and all."
Scott acts even worse around Logan who's hooked up with Cap's anti reg side. And yes before you ask me, Warren yes I'm editing the video I made, with them passing each other, in the hall and that song we wrote .
It goes something like " They're X-men They're Mutant roommates! He's pro Reg! He's anti reg! They both like redheads! They're a couple of nuts! They can't stand each other but they have to live together . They Wolvie and Cyclops !"
Coming soon to a You tube near you! ( To be completely honest I know those lyrics suck But Angel had been on a week long bender while writing them so um well there you go.)
Ok so Cyke 's out so who came up with the brilliant plan that will probaly save all of our hash's from the evil Prof? Storm ? Nope Fred The Fox! That's right the talking wood land critter. Storm is mad about that she's going around mumbling about every minute. ( Personally I think it's because Fred beat her in Checkers once.)
Although This version of Onslaught , while attacking people also has a prankster side. He leaves up all of the toilet seats, I know he's the one that left the flaming bag on the door step, Gambit's shoes will never be the same . And someone ordered 50 anchovy and pineapple pizzas for the mansion. Yuck !
I wonder if Kid flash or someone else would like to eat those pizzas? Oh well not a problem except for the fact everyone's been blaming me for the pranks . Come on people ! If it was me there would be ice involved somehow . Now if there's no ice you'd better think twice!
okaaaay any ways it turns out my sleeping spell was nothing but my body going through stress of reintergrating through moisture in the aiI. i think that's what Hank said. I was paying more attention to " LOST" at the time.
Well I guess I'll tell everyone how the fight with Onslaught went , if he doesn't kill me , or give me a wet willy .

I'm woken up by this huge blast. I feel my mouth is really dry. My back ,and neck feel really stiff. Man this sucks . I have no idea what's going on so I stumble out in my under wear For a second I think I see Onslaught and a bunch of Hulks.

I rub my eyes, and Gaze on Onslaught leaving and Storm fighting with Bruce Banner.Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

I don't know how long I was out , but in the few hours I slept . The world fell apart. And then I noticed Gambit checking me out, I for got I was in my boxers. Great. then again this isn't as bad as when we all had to sleep in the motel 6 when we fought those armor things, I kept waking, And seeing him staring at me.

Why can't I remember who was behind those armored monsters? I guessed I "died " in battle I have a little memory loss. Oh well, Then Beast asked : Bobby where have you been?"

" What do you mean Hank?"

" No one's seen you in days."

I've been asleep for days? Huh?

I was turned into co2. It was hard pulling my self back together I guess maybe I couldn't. I don't know. All I knew was my mind drifted for real I guess. At some point I saw this. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

I almost didn't leave, I mean look at her. But those critters by her just freaked me out. That and I wanted to live. Some energy hit me making it easier for me to think I froze water particles around , my essence I guess.

I kept getting stepped on by students, and funny haired Vegata. But finally I formed an ice body for myself. I used the snow like a cocoon. Until finally I reformed completely. I Was a little afraid to try to turn human again. After shutting my eyes and crossing my fingers. I open my eyes to see flesh and blood.Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Whew! I walk inside the Mansion I see Gaia and Fred Fox ,(why's he black now?) Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

I dunno why, but I was so mad at her I wanted to kill her, for something. Man That's strange What has Gaia ever done too me? And Why Am I so tired? I'll guess I'll sleep for like three days . I 'll probably feel better then.