How does this keep happening? Every time I go to a party , have a good time get a few drinks I wake up next to....

Why? What the heck is wrong with me? Do I have some bad girl fetish when I'm drunk? I just can't wait until Scott or Gaia lectures me about letting super villains in the Mansion, again.

And then The Professor. I'm not sure if he'll be mad, or proud. Man I don't know but this has gotta be some kinda evil plan , and she's drugging me right? Right?

I' had better cancel my date with Firestar until I sort this out. Oh. And I can't wait for the teasing from some of my old teammates like I dunno say Spider-Man after they find out. Hercules will probably just ask for Mystique's number.


Blogger Vincent Valentine said...

Maybe you should start cutting back on the drinks.

Blogger Wolverine said...

Ya never could hold yer liquor Drake.

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