I know I Haven't posted in a while, but you see I'm hiding. Hercules Keeps calling me. Angel too.

For some reason I can't figure out he wants to reunite The Champions

I don't know what's he's been drinking , or smoking, but I want nothing to do with it. Normally I'd tell him to his face but last time I did that he shattered me . I'm getting a little tired of reforming my self so I'm hiding.

I suggest that You make your self scarce too Black Widow. At least until whatever Herc's on wears off , and he remem bers how embarrassing The Champions were. I'm saying this team was lame , and I used to be an Amazing Friend.

Then again being an Amazing Friend wasn't that bad, Eventhough we had to live with Aunt May Sometimmes me or Pete accidently ( wink wink ) Walk in on Firestar when she was in the shower. That and we had a cartoon show with The Hulk. But the Champions well I don't want to talk about it any more. So I'm going back to hiding shhhhhh Don't tell Herc.

Yeah I cut up At Logan's funeral. I also do the same thing at all Jean's too. Because it's a safe bet either one will be back. So I couldn't believe the sad little scene Jubilee, and Kitty Pryde were having at his grave.

" He was like a father to me." sobs Jubilee . More like she was his annoying sidekick but whatever.

Kitty went in on the cry fest. " He was like that for both of us. They;ll never be another one like Logan."

Must fight gag reflex. Ok I'm done now. You know at this point I have this great idea. I go into the mansion , and get something. Then come out by the grave. The girls look up at me.

" Bobby are you finally going to show Logan the respect he deserves?"

" I guess you can call it that." I respond. " Hey Wolvie time to get up! Look I got a beer ! Frozen to perfection by my powers just the way you like it."

" Bobby! That's not funny!" Pryde shrieks.

" MMMM Frosty, cold sudzy , wait is sudzy a word?" I continue. I then shake the beer A little bit, so he can hear I'm not kidding. " Come on Logan come and get it!"

Pryde slaps me but I'm already iced up. So it really didn't bother me. Jubilee Shireks " Does anyone else hear that?'

Yup just what I though scratching from the grave. " Iceman what ever you pulling isn't funny!" wails Kitty. Both girls scream as this happens.

Wolverine frees him self , and kinda lurches to his feet. " B. Buuh" he mumbles.
Jubilee then yells " he's a zombie! He wants our brains!" She really needs to cut down on the sugar.

" BEEEEER!" He finally utters.

" Here ya go pal." I toss it to him. He cuts it open with his claw,, slams it down like he's been in the desert for days. He throws the can aside and shambles toward the mansion.

" Mooooore!" He screams. This is hilarious ! Especially when we hear this girlie scream, and find Josh Foley cowering in the Kitchen. Logan saying " BR BR...."

" No You can't have my Brain!" Elixir stutters his hands over his head. Logan just shakes his head, and mumbles " Brautwurst."

He takes a sausage out of the freezer, drops in a pan Then starts taking other food out , an starts what looks like a new food Net work show " Cooking with the Undead."

Well ok He's not really undead. His healing factor hasn't fixed his brain yet, well at least the speech center and the part that controls walking straight. Finally he starts eating his meal. Well like a pig.

Not that's any different than how he normally eats. The Professor wheels in. " What's all this commotion?"

Logan grins at him. " Wh......What's ......Up..Ch... Chuck? HE he !"