All of us X-men are buzzing about The Amazing Mutant Race. Some of us are betting. Not me of course I'm broke after getting Marvel : Ultimate Alliance. What Can I say that's a great game!

It has all the fun of X-men legends, an let's you play with other guys. And I'm still in it being awesome. But adds The Fantastic Four , Some Avengers and others it's great!

Ok back to the race. I'm really glad I didn't get picked . Scott has been totally embarrassing him self out there. Sure he's been doing it to himself. But now the whole world knows what us X-men have laughed at the whole time.

That , and I discovered who my partner would have been. You see he came in today. I was sitting between Paige, and Rouge glaring at each other. Still trying to figure out how this happened when this dude crashed in.

" Hey ! Iceman I choose you!" he shouts.

" Uh I think your confused Goku. We're the X-men , not Pokemon. "

" No ! I want you to join me in The Amazing Mutant Race!'

I slap my hand on my fore head. " Dude The race has been going on for two weeks now it's too late. "

" Really?" He slumps into a chair.

" Um Yeah man. Wait a second you there when the professor showed us what Happened Between Pantha vegeta, and Bulma. And those two chicks have great bodies ! Remember? "

The guy put his fingers in ears, and started humming. While Rouge , and Paige gave me a look that was like daggers being shot at me. Great I'm in even more trouble.

Well luckily I got Goku to settle down by offering him Logan's secret stash of Pringles. ( he thinks no one knows where he hides it? Come on ! Kodiak has raided Logan's chips like three times now.)

Ok So now here we go After watching the latest episode what do Iceman and And Goku think of the AM3 teams?

Jon The intergalactic Gladiator , And Kurt Wagner.

Iceman: Man these guys seem invincible so far. They've won two in a row.

Goku: Those two have skills.

Gyrobo , and Gambit

Iceman: Poor Remy doesn't seem to know how to deal with this manic robot. But since I caught him taking pictures of me when I'm I was asleep. It's a good punishment.

Goku : Leggo Batman! Leggo Batman!

Vegeta and Wolverine.

Iceman: Pretty much what I expect from those two. Oh And Logan never sing again. Please!

Goku: (pouting ) Vegeta tricked me into eating CD's he told me those were rice cakes.

Iceman: Probably tastes the same .

Capitan Koma And Caliban

Iceman: Same megalomaniac with less silliness. I was never sure what his goal was when we were fighting him besides annoying us with lame synthoids.

Goku: Koma Stop your evil ways!

Henchman and Elixir

Iceman : Talk about an odd couple. Josh just looks like he's along for the ride.

Goku: Henchman is a good friend I wish him luck.

Tak and Angel

Iceman: Wow! Now Warren is acting gay. Are me, Logan, Beast Kody, and the Professor the only straight male X-men?

Goku : Tak is funny

Cyclops and Warbird

Iceman: Speaking of gay......

Goku: Why is he wearing that?

Iceman: Well it's Tuesday... and that's his day to wear drag.

Noel, and Beast

Iceman: whew! Even I'm getting hot from the heat coming off this couple.

Goku: They're furry.

Iceman: Um ok.

Now the teams that have been eliminated.

Spider-man and Emma

Iceman: Man your whipped Pete. But It's nice to have Emma, and her not quite appropriate for school attire back here .

Goku: Spider- man Is a great hero and I'm sure he had good reasons to quit.

SQT and Mystique

Iceman : I'll miss seeing two hot blue chicks on my Tv

Goku : Why are they blue?

Ok that's all.