While in the Astral Plane, I was hit with a psionic bolt. During this time I was trapped believing I was playing X3 the official game. Man that game sucks! I feel bad for telling Professor X it was a good game but unforgiving. I want to go back in time and punch myself in the face.

You see back then I was in the first levels and was getting killed over and over. as I got into the later levels the sucked more . On a side note I can use my powers to do other things beside put out fires.

Which is pretty much what the game made me do. And As Night crawler I can't teleport out of the way of danger , I just go right into it. As Wolverine I break boxes that look like Styrofoam . And those cut scenes?

Well calling them cut scenes is too good for them . They're really still pictures with voice acting. Oh there's some movement , if you want to see Logan move stiffer than a zombie you can.

when It becomes that day of the month where the X-men gather up video games to go and trade them for others at the local game shop I know which one I'm throwing in first.

Ok rant over. For something actually fun. The mansion received a call from the local airport about Wolverine not being able to pass through the metal detector, with out setting it off.

Well that Kodiak a great idea for a prank. And I helped for more details go over to his blog and see what we did. Oh man ! I can't wait until Logan gets home!

The X-men had a kickin' party after we beat the Brotherhood. Well it was kickin' until Cyclops introduced the Entertainment Justin Gurini from American Idol? Bleh! So after showing Scotty my displeasure by forming an ice slick under him while he was trying to make time with Warbird.

I'm not proud but I drank a lot. I wish I didn't because well I did something I'm not very proud of, I guess I lost time or something, It doesn't matter I can't explain it but when I came to my senses this I found myself with someone I'm not proud, but here's the person. I'm sorry everyone, please forgive me .

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Yeah I know I was " sleeping with the enemy" as it were . I don't even know how that happened. It's not that's she's not hot . It's just that she's been with Sabertooth , and wolverine , and If the rumors of another ex of hers is true, A certain short guy with funny hair, Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

I've been taking showers all morning yet I still don't feel clean! The good thing is I wasn't the only one who woke up with a woman he wasn't proud of, Look who that Polaris stealing dork Havok woke up with.

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How do these supervillians keep getting in the mansion anyway?

One moment me and the Beast. Are taling Jean down the next Koma runs up to us and says " I'll pay you back for turning my Lin against me I'm sending you to the Savage Land!"

They're this weird feeling for a minute , then the we're somewhere else.

" Bobby ? "

" Yes Hank?"

" This is not the Savage Land is it?"

" No it's Disney Land."

We found a TV The X-men beat the Brotherhood of course. Well Could somone send an X-jet to to pick us up? Well after we go on some rides first.

Man! A lot has happened since I last posted. The X-men got into a fight with these robots , and I froze Pyro who blew up this Martian guy. After that fight was finished. We had to follow Jean who went all " Dark Phoenix " again to Washington D.C.

Then things got confusing. The Brotherhood joined in and we fought them , and Jean. Actually Gaia and Rouge were trying to calm her down, Storm wanted a fight. I get a little fuzy on why the Hulk and this short weird looking guy showed up.

Hulk was in his " Joe Fixit." form. I was about to freeze him , When this huge fire ogre knocks me down. Pyro again. He must have thought that had stopped me. Because he turned away from me, and attacked the Secret Service.

Big mistake, I slid over to him and encased him in a big ice block. " That's for your signing in the Smiling Baby Hitlers you no talent hack!" I say. I look over the whole battle scene to see who I can help. Hulk's gone Wolverine apparently got attacked by him, but he recovered and was fighting some guy in an AIM uniform.

The guy with the weird hair stuck around but was watching Captian Koma getting chased by his robo Lohan, Good ol' Hank. Speaking of which he was caught by that low rent thug the Constrictor. ( I don't know where he came from either. )

The guy has unbreakable adamantium coils, but that won't help him when all the sudden the ground he's standing on becomes veeeeeery slippery. The snake themed lose fell on his butt., letting Hank go. " Much gratitude my young icy friend." he says knocking out snakey who I think was already put down once. This is not his lucky day.

I look up at Jean then say to Beast. " Hey fuzzball. You think we should help try to talk Jean down?"

" indubitable, snow cone, though we may get immolated just as the unfortunate Magneto before us."

I shrug. " Who wants to live forever huh? Besides us founding X-men have gotta stick together, you know."

I ice slide along with Mcoy up to Jean. Hopefully she'll listen to us if not well it was nice living while it lasted.