Okay how the heck did Jean Grey get in charge? She's hot an cold running crazy. Oh let me explain The Professor is off with Jon the intergalactic gladiator. Going after Mystique I think. (Boy am I glad we're not dating anymore.) First Scott was in charge, until he started hyper ventilating into a bag.

Then somehow Jean was put in charge like I stated earlier. And Storm is po'd . I do not not want to be around here when Storm confronts Jean and there's a whole Dark Phoenix versus Strom thing.

But now I'm in trouble. You see we had the whole winter dance for the students you know right before X-mas. I saw some guy skulking around outside So I flash froze him.

I thought I was doing the right thing you know. He was wearing a mask, and had a gun and dagger in his pocket. Turns out he was supposedly the Saiyan boys date's brother, and a shield agent, he had some dumb name like Red Hoodie or something.

Now this story didn’t wash with me I mean there is absolutely no family resemblance between the Vincent's date, and The Amazing Lollipop Man. But somehow now I'm in trouble, and worse Vella blasted me, man math class is going to be awkward from now on. Teaching those two kids was weird enough, I mean all they do is goof off, and still get straight A's.

That and they keep starting fights. I guess I have to put up with them since Professor X is friends with their dad, Maybe they’re smart enough so they can graduate from the high school part, and go on to be Beast's problem.

So now The X-men are having problems with SHIELD, and rumors of that nut in Gotham not being too happy. What he has to do with this I don’t know. So now my pay is getting deducted and I have to train the little kids in the danger room.

I hate training the little kids I always get sticky since they always have candy on 'em and have some kind of strange compulsion to rub it on me. I can't wait until the Professor comes back.

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