Cyclops entered this martial Arts tournament thing. Against the Professor's orders. But Scott waited until it was The professor's "study time". Which we original X-men all refer to as Happy Hour. Because he drowns himself in cognac until he passes out.

I got roped into this because It was my turn to watch Scott . Last time he was left by himself a biker gang kidnapped him and made him wear a pink dress which he wore for weeks after we rescued him.

And Hellion came with us because he liked karate and stuff. I was trying to talk Scott out of entering this thing. Especially since I saw some of the contestants were Saiyans.

" Come on Bobby! I have to show Wolverine who's boss by beating him!"

I shake my head because he was once beaten up by a kid in self defense class. This one.

So the first round he gets in a fight with a girl that looks she's maybe 15 or 16.With blue hair. I thought she looked familiar, and And I then I remembered she looked almost exactly like that short Saiyan dude 's wife. Except younger and she had a tail.

I tried to warn Scott from the stands, He just laughed me off. What happened next wasn't pretty.

So after this and I blast Cyke's wound with some ice Hellion asks me, if he thinks The blue haired girl would be interested in him . "You'll never know unless you ask." I advise.

Scott wakes up. " How many people saw that?" He asks.

" I'd say a few thousand here, and about several million watching on TV. "

" Come On Bobby Let's go before I get embarrassed further. "

" If we had to leave everywhere you got embarrassed we wouldn't be able to go anywhere ." I chuckle.

" Funny." He glares. " let's go to the Black Bird, and get out of here!"

You Know I can't help while flying the Black Bird back that we forgot something.

Meanwhile at the Boudakai.

" Mr. Summers? Mr Drake? Where are you guys?"


Blogger Kid Flash said...

Isn't boudakai UNIVERSALLY broadcasted, so I'd say several billion, maybe even trillion. I bet Glacticus and Thanos are betting as we speak.

Blogger Professor Xavier said...

First of all, I only consume Cognac for medicinal purposes. After a hard day of saving the world from whatever menace, I need a little something to unwind. To ease the tension.

Secondly . . secondly . . where did I leave my damn glass?

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