I did this because Emma Frost made me do it. With her mind.

Yes I know Emma, I was supposed to put his picture on a milk carton, but um Whoppers was cheaper. Why did I have to do this any way? I know The White queen says this is all my fault that Hellion is missing but Cyclops is partially to blame but does he have to dice slide all over town, to to find someone that wants to put Hellion's pic on a carton? Nooooo.

I'm not sure if it was because of the special relation ship they had or because Cyclops pulled a hissy fit , and yelled in front of the students " I was beaten up by a sixteen year old girl! I need some time to myself. I'm going to write in my Journal!"

So not only do I have to get the cartons I have to teach Scott's classes now, because He "just can't be bothered!" I know Emma is going to freak out but really who wants freaky grinning Hellion staring at them while eating their morning cereal?

It's not like the arrogant little kid is missed all that much. Well except for Emma, and a certain member of the student body that was caught behind a tree Frenching him, you know who I mean, Josh Foley. The rest of us are kind of glad the loudmouth stayed missing. I mean if we want constant bragging we have Wolverine for that.

Wait a second is this picture attached by tape? It is. Wow no wonder it was so cheap . Hey there's writing under the tape. Cool! I won a boat!


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Blogger Vince Briefs said...

Damn you Alex!!!!

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Splog will not be tolerated alex!!!

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