I don't really do that well with responsibility. Which is probably why I keep going back to be a superhero. Oh I've tried to stop but Then one day I wake up and I'm in the Champions (shudder) or the Defenders.

So This is why I ask you Why the Heck has Wolverine asked me to watch his daughter , and Professor X decided to make me his new driver? While Cyke is in the race I've been driving the Professor to some places.

People are calling " The New Scott." Ugh! I hate it. Oh well at least I don't freak out about every little thing like Summers does. Though the prof doesn't exactly like it at times like when I saved this television exec from one of his missiles from his battle chair.

I know he would never forgive himself if he actually killed the guy, but any way yeah . He's been angry , not sure if it's with me, or the stress from the race. Now about Laura ship " chip off the ol' Canuckle head" Kinney or Logan or whatever.

I'm really not sure why Logan picked me to watch her. It's not like we're close. My best bud here is Beast. As for Laura herself ? She's a little creepy.

She sits there , and doesn't talk mostly in my accounting class. Then sometimes she adds the fun of cutting herself with her claws. So I'm finally getting a night to just chill and what happens?

Logan calls me and growls " Laura jest told me she was gonna hit on Danny."

"I laugh . " Danny the gay due at Oike Gallery? Unless she's the miracle worker it isn't going to happen."

" Find ' er and stop her!"

He forgot to tell me where they was, and New York is a big place. When I gave up and was going home I find them on the way . Then later on in the week, I walk in on her and her boyfriend making out she was topless.

Well we end up in a fight ice, against fire. He was beating me until II felt this power surge, and really froze him. I mean devil boy was sin a big block he couldn't get out of.

" This is too too cold .. to be ice "

Woah! This I must have accessed the power Emma used that time she controlled my body. Whatever Colossus got , and Magma freed him with his help. And Laura tried to claw me.

" What business of yours is it to mess with us?" she sneers.

" For whatever reason your dad has had me watch you. I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean letting you do a beauty and the beat thing in here!"

" Arrgh! Why is he being over protective all of the sudden?"

I shrug. " Don't ask me ,I My mom once asked if I could stop being a mutant so parents aren't my strong suit."

She slams her door as she runs into her room. I really don't need to be a parent if this is how I do it.