Oh man this sucks, I mean after a long day of teaching accounting class I had two things to look forward to. Well my date with Firestar, and second today is sloppy joe day! I should have known that today wouldn't have turned out that good.

First Wolverine decided today was the day he would" Teach the kids how to take a punch." This ended up causing a mini riot. So when the kids came to my 11 o'clock class they all had claw marks or bruises all over them.

The lunch finally rolled around and while I was enjoying my delicious sloppy joe Jean and Storm got into a fight. You see ever since the Professor started helping Jon out with his campaign, And Cyclops is on some reality game show hitting on a man-woman thing, Jean and Storm have been fighting over who's in charge.

They blasted my sloppy joe, and all the others destroying the kitchen completely. So now I’m hungry trying to teach a bunch of beaten up and burned students math, and they don't pay attention normally. Maybe if I freeze them all? No then they'd just be cold too.

And worse Angelica wants us to eat at one of those fancy places that have teeny tiny portions. Ugh! I wonder if I have enough time to grab a whopper before the date.