Man I hate Wolverine. You see I gave my number to Starfire, my number. Though poor Josh, didn't find himself a girl. Not that it matters, the school year is back in , and there;s like a bunch of girls his age there , and some in tight revealing costumes.

Now back to why I hate Logan. She called , and he told her I do perverted things with clowns , and dwarves. Yeah I can't get her to answer my calls. Or she makes Superboy answer the phone. That guy is a complete idiot, and he talks about the lamest things.

Well I'm not letting this one go. I've redecorated Logan's room with my own special skills.Free Image Hosting -

Wait a sec, Who's that guy? He's freaking creepy. I don't like the way he's looking at the ice boy I made.Free Image Hosting -

Look what I did to the bed.

Free Image Hosting -

there's that guy again on the ice chair I made to replace Logan's regular chair. I left that guy in there. With The new Icy decor. Enjoy Wolvie! Oh yeah if anyone know s who that guy is and why he's in the school let me know.


That'll freeze yer heinie but good!

Blogger SHI said...

damn you

Blogger Elixir said...

Oh yeah. The uniforms the chicks wear around here are definitely the best part of the school. I could follow that Psylocke around all day. We should start calling the Professor Hef or something.

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