Salutations, I am Dr Henry Mccoy, More commonly known as the Beast. It is my sad duty to inform you that my long time comrade- in-arms, and friend Robert Drake, called Ice man has been slain in battle with Gaia. Along side another friend of mine , Cyclops, or Scott Summers. For the full story go here .

I am sorry this is too hard to write. I must take my leave. Rest in well my humorous friend. Until we meet again in the the halls of Eluysium.

Continued from Wolverine Vegeta Professor XGaia And Spidey

Arrrrgh! I just got busted up ! I hate being shattered! I have to reform myself! Well let me clue you in on what's going on. The School just got attacked by armored zombie things .

I'm not talking about a few either I'm talking about plague of locusts numbers here. We have no idea what they are, or any idea why they attacked. We just know they're blood thirsty.

A bunch of them jumped on me and crushed me into little ice pieces. What they don't know is Humpty Dumpty can put himself back together again. It's just a tedious process. But finally I come out of the ice throwin' ice spikes at each and every one of those weridos.

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I then form glacier type ice flows running a bunch of them over .Others I freeze so cold That colossus just shatters them with his punches. The other X-men seem to be holding their own, Scott blasting away, and whining. Wolverine's went into full bezerker mode , Beat is fireing some kind of weapon, and rouge was smashing them.

Then these weird big haired guys showed up and started blasting the freaky zombie things. I reconised them from one of the partys we had a while back. Saiyans I think, Gohan Trunks Bra and Goten . If I remember right.

One of them started yelling " Halt evil doers I am the Champin of Justice I am he who stops evil ! I am ...."

" extremely annoying!" I interrupt. He just looks shocked like this .

Logan just says from nowhere" Look bub if your gonna fight then fight! But don't just dance around!" Luckily they stayed good thing too though even with their help it'll take a miracle if everyone survives this .