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1: I'm the youngest of the founding X-men.

2: I've been on a lot of teams in my time, the Champions, The Defenders, X-Factor, X-men, The Spider Friends. For a while there it was a tossup between me and Beast on which X-man has been in more teams, then Wolverine came along and started doing whatever the heck it is he's doing.

3: You know it never seems to last long with the girls I date, Polaris, Rouge, Husk, Guess I'm just not serious enough for them.

4: I love pulling pranks on the other X-men.

5: I have a degree in accounting.

6: My mom really did say : Have ou ever tried to stop being a mutant."

7: Neither one of my parents liked the fact I wanted to be a Superhero.

Oh man this sucks, I mean after a long day of teaching accounting class I had two things to look forward to. Well my date with Firestar, and second today is sloppy joe day! I should have known that today wouldn't have turned out that good.

First Wolverine decided today was the day he would" Teach the kids how to take a punch." This ended up causing a mini riot. So when the kids came to my 11 o'clock class they all had claw marks or bruises all over them.

The lunch finally rolled around and while I was enjoying my delicious sloppy joe Jean and Storm got into a fight. You see ever since the Professor started helping Jon out with his campaign, And Cyclops is on some reality game show hitting on a man-woman thing, Jean and Storm have been fighting over who's in charge.

They blasted my sloppy joe, and all the others destroying the kitchen completely. So now I’m hungry trying to teach a bunch of beaten up and burned students math, and they don't pay attention normally. Maybe if I freeze them all? No then they'd just be cold too.

And worse Angelica wants us to eat at one of those fancy places that have teeny tiny portions. Ugh! I wonder if I have enough time to grab a whopper before the date.

Okay how the heck did Jean Grey get in charge? She's hot an cold running crazy. Oh let me explain The Professor is off with Jon the intergalactic gladiator. Going after Mystique I think. (Boy am I glad we're not dating anymore.) First Scott was in charge, until he started hyper ventilating into a bag.

Then somehow Jean was put in charge like I stated earlier. And Storm is po'd . I do not not want to be around here when Storm confronts Jean and there's a whole Dark Phoenix versus Strom thing.

But now I'm in trouble. You see we had the whole winter dance for the students you know right before X-mas. I saw some guy skulking around outside So I flash froze him.

I thought I was doing the right thing you know. He was wearing a mask, and had a gun and dagger in his pocket. Turns out he was supposedly the Saiyan boys date's brother, and a shield agent, he had some dumb name like Red Hoodie or something.

Now this story didn’t wash with me I mean there is absolutely no family resemblance between the Vincent's date, and The Amazing Lollipop Man. But somehow now I'm in trouble, and worse Vella blasted me, man math class is going to be awkward from now on. Teaching those two kids was weird enough, I mean all they do is goof off, and still get straight A's.

That and they keep starting fights. I guess I have to put up with them since Professor X is friends with their dad, Maybe they’re smart enough so they can graduate from the high school part, and go on to be Beast's problem.

So now The X-men are having problems with SHIELD, and rumors of that nut in Gotham not being too happy. What he has to do with this I don’t know. So now my pay is getting deducted and I have to train the little kids in the danger room.

I hate training the little kids I always get sticky since they always have candy on 'em and have some kind of strange compulsion to rub it on me. I can't wait until the Professor comes back.

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How does this keep happening? Every time I go to a party , have a good time get a few drinks I wake up next to....

Why? What the heck is wrong with me? Do I have some bad girl fetish when I'm drunk? I just can't wait until Scott or Gaia lectures me about letting super villains in the Mansion, again.

And then The Professor. I'm not sure if he'll be mad, or proud. Man I don't know but this has gotta be some kinda evil plan , and she's drugging me right? Right?

I' had better cancel my date with Firestar until I sort this out. Oh. And I can't wait for the teasing from some of my old teammates like I dunno say Spider-Man after they find out. Hercules will probably just ask for Mystique's number.

Well this week The challenge at LGS2 Involved us X-men. And a problem. Ya see Gambit didn't get the memo, he was off, getting more pink costumes so he didn't know that in the body of Professor X was this babe.

So I almost busted out laughing when he runs in saying " Mes Amis! the professor has taken my number."

The X-men have all decided not tell Remy what's really going on. So when the prof comes back hilarity will ensue! I can't wait.

I did this because Emma Frost made me do it. With her mind.

Yes I know Emma, I was supposed to put his picture on a milk carton, but um Whoppers was cheaper. Why did I have to do this any way? I know The White queen says this is all my fault that Hellion is missing but Cyclops is partially to blame but does he have to dice slide all over town, to to find someone that wants to put Hellion's pic on a carton? Nooooo.

I'm not sure if it was because of the special relation ship they had or because Cyclops pulled a hissy fit , and yelled in front of the students " I was beaten up by a sixteen year old girl! I need some time to myself. I'm going to write in my Journal!"

So not only do I have to get the cartons I have to teach Scott's classes now, because He "just can't be bothered!" I know Emma is going to freak out but really who wants freaky grinning Hellion staring at them while eating their morning cereal?

It's not like the arrogant little kid is missed all that much. Well except for Emma, and a certain member of the student body that was caught behind a tree Frenching him, you know who I mean, Josh Foley. The rest of us are kind of glad the loudmouth stayed missing. I mean if we want constant bragging we have Wolverine for that.

Wait a second is this picture attached by tape? It is. Wow no wonder it was so cheap . Hey there's writing under the tape. Cool! I won a boat!

Cyclops entered this martial Arts tournament thing. Against the Professor's orders. But Scott waited until it was The professor's "study time". Which we original X-men all refer to as Happy Hour. Because he drowns himself in cognac until he passes out.

I got roped into this because It was my turn to watch Scott . Last time he was left by himself a biker gang kidnapped him and made him wear a pink dress which he wore for weeks after we rescued him.

And Hellion came with us because he liked karate and stuff. I was trying to talk Scott out of entering this thing. Especially since I saw some of the contestants were Saiyans.

" Come on Bobby! I have to show Wolverine who's boss by beating him!"

I shake my head because he was once beaten up by a kid in self defense class. This one.

So the first round he gets in a fight with a girl that looks she's maybe 15 or 16.With blue hair. I thought she looked familiar, and And I then I remembered she looked almost exactly like that short Saiyan dude 's wife. Except younger and she had a tail.

I tried to warn Scott from the stands, He just laughed me off. What happened next wasn't pretty.

So after this and I blast Cyke's wound with some ice Hellion asks me, if he thinks The blue haired girl would be interested in him . "You'll never know unless you ask." I advise.

Scott wakes up. " How many people saw that?" He asks.

" I'd say a few thousand here, and about several million watching on TV. "

" Come On Bobby Let's go before I get embarrassed further. "

" If we had to leave everywhere you got embarrassed we wouldn't be able to go anywhere ." I chuckle.

" Funny." He glares. " let's go to the Black Bird, and get out of here!"

You Know I can't help while flying the Black Bird back that we forgot something.

Meanwhile at the Boudakai.

" Mr. Summers? Mr Drake? Where are you guys?"