So here I am doing some accounting work for the Professor, man he got a lot of money mass producing those tapes of Pantha, and Storm, When all the sudden Elixir flies through wall. I look out the hole and see Wonder Woman? Some one tells her That Josh isn't who's she's after.

It's me! What did I do? She says I've been making calls to Starfire creepy phone calls I called her once and Wolverine made sure nothing was going to happen there, So I never called again.

She comes up to me and asks " Where's Bobby Drake?"

" Um I do no not know ma Cherie I am Gambit. The incredibly handsome Iceman is he is gone I ger ron tee." I stutter.

Ok my Gambit impersonation sucks. But it worked she left in a huff. Now I gotta figure out who's been making calls in my name.


The Professor Took us all to this Saiyan wedding. Man that was a trip. Wow that was weird , not as weird Grey Hulk and Wolverine trying not to kill each other.

Well someone told me it was Superboy, not the little kid that Supes has kinda adopted, but the clone one who made those calls. Well I got him back pretty good.

Meanwhile At Titans Tower Kon - El Wakes up to a crashing sound. " What the Heck?"

" Solomon Grundy hear from Iceman that you want to be his friend! Solomon Grundy give you big hug!"



Blogger WonderWoman said...

Iceman I realised that Kon made those phone calls and I am sorry for all those holes in your walls I made, and the few trees you may find scattered around the school grounds. Though the first prank call to Starfire was by Superman, but Superman is punishing Superboy and I have decided to limit the time Conner and Cassandra meet up.
Next time though just explain yourself instead of leaving me to pursue somebody else (out of interest who was the man with wings that I punched?).
Wonder Woman

Blogger Kon-El said...

Not Cool!

Isn't Superboy dead?

Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Iceman pretending to be Gambit? A very creative solution for which you didn't have to resort to violence. I'm proud of you, Bobby.

Blogger Kid Flash said...

Yeah Solomon did kinda trash Titans Tower, but Kon did deserve it.
(I live!!!)

Blogger Iceman said...

WW: Ok I 'll o that next time and that was Warren Worthington the 3 also called Angel, At least I think it was.

Kon-El : don't mess with the master

Jon: I dunno I need a score card to tell who's dead and who's alive these days.

Prof: thanks

Bart : You Live!

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